Meal plans that are currently available are: 11 Meal Plan, 16 Meal Plan, 19 Meal Plan and the 175 Flex Plan. Meal plan descriptions can be found on the Meal Plans Page.

To purchase a meal plan, you will need to Contact Business Services in Voorhees Hall for pricing info.

Your meal plan can be used at the "U" Located in Gage Memorial Union. 

Meals associated with the meal plan may only be used by the student who purchased the meal plan. You may use the "Coe Cash" or "Flex Dollars" or a Guest Pass that come with your meal plan to purchase a meal for your guest.

"Coe Cash" can be used at both the "U" the Kohawk Shop for food and personal care items.

Flex Dollars associated with meal plans are exempt from sales tax with the following exception. The purchase of non-food items in the convenience stores such as health and beauty, newspapers and magazines will be charged 7% tax. Food items purchased in the convenience stores will be exempt from tax. Flex Dollars purchased after the initial meal plan purchase are subject to 7% sales tax at the time you use them.